Fresh Start

        I don’t know about you but it’s really difficult for me to get the creative juices flowing if there are alot of undone things around me!

       {Translation} I’ve spent the past week making some changes around the house.Sorting through piles neglected through the holidays, getting rid of stuff that I haven’t used in a really long time and the part that I love the most..switching little things in my decor to reflect the coming Spring { I know I’m a little anxious}. I love the new Robins egg blue that is popping up everywhere and it makes me feel like Spring is here! and Yellow..well yellow just makes me smile! Here are a few pics.

Even the garage got the cleaned out! So now I am ready to start on a refinishing project! Here is a picture of an end table that was in my parents house when I was growing up! In a few days…{well if everything goes according to plan} this will be a brand new table!

If I love this new Annie Sloan Chalk Paint as much as I think I will, there may be many more transformations in the near future!

What would make your living space feel fresh and new today? It’s as simple as adding a pretty bouquet of flowers or a plant.







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