I’m in love!

     I’ve been a busy girl! Not only did I refinish a small end table but my bathroom vanity as well{ my first projects using chalk paint}.

     I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with Annie Sloan paint! I made a big splurge and bought a starter kit{complete with 2 colors of paint, both clear and dark wax, lots of brushes and a technique book}. I had read so many mixed reviews and the cost really made me think twice. I think it is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time!

     I love the colors, the color mixing options and {despite many negative reviews} the dark wax. This wasn’t just a painting project, it felt like an artistic creation.The pictures probably don’t do it justice as the finished texture can’t really be appreciated. I didn’t have high hopes for a smooth professional finish since there was no need to prep the wood. It’s like magic…the transformation from the first coat to the finished project really impressed me.

     Lots of people have tried to recreate chalk paint as evidenced by the Pinterest boards that are filled with them. There is a clear difference in the finished quality between the AS paint and homemade recipes.The company I ordered from also included a sample of duck egg blue paint. I used it to paint the vanity. The step by step and tips in the technique book gave me confidence as well! {I am always a little afraid to put that first stroke of paint on a painting project } that it isn’t going to work as anticipated!

Despite my slow to post issue, both projects were finished within 24 hrs. { and in between coats} I busied myself making Valentine Cards!

I had so much fun creating last week that I must confess I neglected some crucial things in my life { like making dinner} I’m thankful for a hubby that indulges me and can recognize when take out is necessary!

So here are the pictures! {I hope the reason for my excitement comes through}. If you’re curious and you’d like some tips or to see a finished close up let me know!


and a sneek peek of some Valentines cards…{25 down..about 20 to go}

what’s next?

some fun Valentines treats…a Valentine tablesetting for a special girlfriends dinner and some Birthday surprises for a very special girl that will soon be a quarter of a century old!

Also, some fun..easy, quick and inexpensive ways to make those you love feel special on Valentines day!

Have a great weekend!



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