The Art of Conversation

I have been leading a group of ladies through the study of Sharon Jaynes book “The Power of a Woman’s Words”. Of course we all know that our words can kill dreams, discourage hearts and cause deep pain. We can also encourage, build up and give life. The key is that we must be intentional about the words we choose and the manner we deliver them. This weeks lesson was about the power of our words to our husbands. In re-reading the scriptures in Genesis that tell of Abraham and Sara and God’s promise of a son to them we get a glimpse into the fact that Sara’s words directly affected Abraham’s ability to have faith in the promises God had made to him. Her words planted a seed of doubt!

I don’t think I have ever considered the possibility that my words could have a negative impact on my husbands faith in his creator! Of course I want my words to encourage him, show respect and communicate my deep love and admiration for him but more than anything I want to communicate in a way that contributes to the building of his faith! Thankfully, the Spirit of the Living God continues to gently shape me and show me how!steve


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