Big Comfy Chair!

I have recently become acquainted with the writings of Emily Freeman. For some reason I see myself so vividly in her words …they give clarity to my own thoughts and help me to understand what it is that the Holy Spirit whispers! I was particularly struck by a post on her blog today. I believe she and her husband are in a season of waiting on the Lord for direction and trusting Him for His provision,something I am sure we are all familiar with. Though that is not the season I am passing through, the picture she paints of the state of her spirit resonates with me.

As an artist sits down to paint, the blank canvas stares him in the face. he has a vision for the finished masterpiece…much like our Lord sees the masterpiece of our lives. The artist adds layer upon layer but first begins with a “vague” representation of the finished product. Isn’t that the place that makes us uncomfortable. Wouldn’t we rather see the whole picture. As I think about my spiritual journey like the painting of a masterpiece I realize that I am no longer bothered by the vague images, crooked lines and undefined realities. Time and time again God has proven His faithfulness in my life. His plan is ALWAYS so much better than I could ask or imagine! I am not in a hurry to see the finished painting because I am enjoying {or at least appreciating} the art lesson!

I am settled in to the” vague” like climbing up into a big soft overstuffed old leather chair.I am content to allow Him to paint the layers knowing that He is the Master Artist!


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