I have the privilege of serving on the Executive Board of the North County Rady’s Children’s Hospital Auxillary. My position affords me countless opportunities to meet Physcians, Researchers and Innovators in the medical field. Everyone I have met is highly educated, articulate and inspiring! I was particularly struck by a presentation made by Dr.Jennifer Freedman  at our semi annual meeting today.

Dr. Freedman is doing research on the cutting edge in the study of Whole Genome Sequencing. I don’t want to get get real technical { especially since my knowledge is limited at best} but the general idea is that in studying the gene sequences of an individual, doctors are able to find what Doctor Freedman referred to as “mistakes” in the sequencing which lead to illness and conditions that can be very debilitating. Once the “mistakes” are found…diagnosis then treatment can be given. Innovations in Genome Sequencing have the potential to find conditions even before they exist!

All of that sounds very exciting and undoubtedly for parents with children experiencing life threatening symptoms that remain undiagnosed, this breakthrough gives enormous hope!

My ear however got stuck on the word “mistake” and I have not been able to get that  out of my head.

There are precious children, born everyday with a myriad of health issues. I don’t pretend to understand what that must be like for a parent. I can’t help but ponder though whether the God of creation makes “mistakes”. My immediate reaction is absolutely not. Upon further reflection my answer is still a resounding “no”.

I am grateful that there are always new innovations in medicine and that treatments and cures are being discovered everyday! I am more grateful that the fingerprints of the God who created the universe are all over the place, His mercies are new every morning and that nothing is impossible for Him! My hope is in Him!


2 thoughts on “Mistakes?

  1. Studied Whole Genome Sequencing while going to Cal State University San Bernardino. It is an interesting field. But like you, I had a problem with the word “mistake.” I don’t believe God makes mistakes. The study was difficult for me and I struggled with the pros and cons of whole genome sequencing. I’m just not sure if we are supposed to put our hands into what He has purposed. Does that make sense?

  2. It absolutely makes sense! I was just listening to the radio yesterday and they were talking about how science is becoming so advanced and extending life….and how God doesn’t want us to live forever on earth…His plan is for us to be with Him in heaven…..fine line between medicine and God….I know he uses medicine to heal but man takes it a bit too far!

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