A Blessing in disguise

My days are often filled with tasks, to do lists, projects, conversation, silence…a lot of it mundane,ordinary…not something to write home about. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life…my family , the place God has brought me to… but let’s face it, cleaning and fixing and paying bills and running errands are not the things Hallmark movies are made of! Especially not Hallmark Christmas movies!

However in the ordinary{ness} of my life, yesterday my heart was transported to a place that no Hallmark movie could ever take it to. Five days prior our furnace stopped working. Don’t you just love those unexpected little surprises! Having never had to call a repairman for the furnace and not knowing who to call …I didn’t…in a weird way it didn’t seem urgent.Yes it was 30 degrees outside and the warmth that a working furnace could provide certainly might seem urgent to most people. My normal reaction would have been to panic and try to figure out how to get it fixed but I just didn’t. Instead I waited…and on the 3rd day a friend posted {on FB}that her husband worked on furnaces if anyone needed a repairman. I called…he came…he fixed it! I know this all sounds rather mundane.

As he packed his stuff and gathered his ladder he said…my wife told me “Don’t leave her with a big bill because she does so much for others” Merry Christmas!

He drove away and I fell to my knees weeping! Contrary to my nature…I trusted God to lead me to a trustworthy repairman and to meet our needs!

In the middle of the simple , mundane and  ordinary God showed His glory, His faithfulness, His mercy and His love…so undeserved but so very appreciated!


6 thoughts on “A Blessing in disguise

  1. awesome! what a way to focus on God’s provision… especially when we’re prone to jump on it and solve a problem. thanks for sharing! “do not be anxious about anything”…

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