Nothing is wasted in the waiting!

I subscribe to several electronic devotionals and enjoy perusing them every morning! They always inspire and encourage and yesterday was no different! The prayer that follows {part of a devotional that I read yesterday} are not my own words but they are the reflection & deepest desire of my heart.

Dear Lord, I confess that I am often impatient with the processes of this world. My resources, wisdom and power are so limited that I control very few of the things that happen in my life. I grow frustrated with the challenges and unexpected troubles that crop up so often. But when I think more deeply, I realize that these setbacks and circumstances can accomplish more to shape my character than having everything go my way. It is through such difficulties that patience, steadfastness and fortitude are forged by Your wise and loving hands. May I learn to wait on You, to hope in You, to trust in You, to delight myself in You and to unreservedly commit my ways to You. In Your Son’s name I pray. Amen.

A lot of you may know that God has taken me through a season of preparation for the past several years. Preparation for what?…well I asked myself that a lot! and then slowly He began to unfold His plan and Steve and I were told that North Coast was looking for a building in San Marcos/Escondido. Last summer we met Jay Foulk who was hired to be the campus pastor and we learned we were in escrow with our new facility. Two weeks ago our new campus was filled with the sweetest sounds as we opened our doors for the first time! I have been waiting and praying and asking
God how I fit into His plan in this new community and I am now in the process of meeting with ladies to begin to put together a team to minister to women! My heart skips a beat when I get the opportunity to hear the hearts of other women, to know their struggles, to uphold them in prayer and to see His hand at work in their lives! As exciting as this is, I realize that His work in my life happens at the same time and that I need to be on my knees before His throne in order to get the clear picture of His direction and His plan. That prayer…is my prayer everyday…I want to wait on Him,trust in Him and delight in Him and commit my ways unreservedly to Him! Not my will but yours Lord!

{During this  beautiful season we are all waiting for the birth of the King! and for His triumphant return! are you savoring the expectation!}


What are you waiting on Him for? Wait in expectation..He always shows up at just the perfect time…and in the waiting nothing is wasted…He uses every ounce of time to fortify your character with His wise and loving hands!

Let me know if I can be upholding you in prayer ! It would be my great JOY!


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