Misplaced Expectation?


It’s Christmas Eve! A beautiful day to reflect on the impending birth of the King! 

Check behind you though you may be carrying some excess baggage with you…..no you may not be headed to the airport or even taking a road trip..Nevertheless, we carry with us memories of Christmas’ past, traditions, losses, hopes for the future,  & the stress associated of getting it all done. It could be weighing you down, if not physically maybe emotionally or even spiritually!

Is the tree decorated perfectly,are the packaged wrapped, is the food ready,the table set,did I get the perfect gifts,what will you wear? Maybe you hold onto to some deeper fears….Will there be peace at the dinner table? Will I see or hear from my family? Or maybe others have expectations of you that you can never live up to!

{Ironic isn’t it…that that little baby born in a manger came that we would be free…free from fears and expectations and guilt, free from our sin! }

So before the day arrives, I realize my need to sit…and worship…in the quiet of my heart….and to wait..and listen…to the Spirit of the living God! to allow Him to fall fresh on me! So that I have eyes to see clearly the true beauty of Christmas! That is my prayer for you too!

Merry Christmas friends! Don’t miss it…don’t miss Him!


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