The year that was!

This season…when crisp pretty paper becomes a wrinkled heap of trash and you can’t seem to vacuum up the needles and the glitter…this season that we so expectantly wait for….is gone as quickly as a string of lights can lose it’s luster! What’s next….a fresh new year  complete with 365 days unused, unexplored and bright with promise!

While I am not usually a New Years Eve gal..this year we are hosting a party!! What you say…I know I am usually asleep by 10pm { and that’s a little bit of an exaggeration}

My daughter and son in law have an envelope that contains the gender of their first baby…my first grand baby…and at midnight they will reveal it to their friends and family! I can’t think of a better reason to keep me awake until the clock strikes midnight! So there are lots of preparations…the food, the drink, the decorations…all the stuff I love! but at the same time, what’s on mind is the year that past!

As someone with an over 50 brain I knew that it was important to write things down…to keep a remember…so I did.

A few things I learned this year:

1) My husband is more amazing than I already knew him to be!

2) My sweet youngest daughter is a strong, courageous, godly young woman!( not that that is a surprise but I have seen it action and am so grateful for God’s hand on her life this year)

3) My {other} daughter and son in law are wise beyond their years, generous, thoughtful and intentional ( again not a surprise but such a privilege to watch them live these things out on a daily basis)

4) Never give up on anyone!{ also not a new principle but thanks to God’s hand I was able to see  this year why that principle is so important)

5) Just when you think you know what’s going on…well don’t! and I just have to trust that He does! This is becoming easier and easier as His faithfulness in my life has been unswerving… and by 51…well I have had a whole lot of experience with this! A long way to go but progress is good!

6)There is nothing new under the sun! Only fresh new eyes to see life with!

7) Every day, every moment every situation is an opportunity to allow Him to reign in my heart and to bring Him glory! Which brings me to my “one word” for 2014…..”Glory”….along the way I’ll share some of the entries from my “Glory” journal…….the simple and extraordinary,the joyful and the painful, the confusing and the clear….all the ways I see His Glory daily!

I hope you have eyes to see His “Glory” everyday! I hope He amazes you!

And finally, some of my fav moments of the year that past!

del dian beachbaloonbikefambeachsunsetnowstampleywizpontelaguna2katiejulyfungirls1jergirlsfunlagunafamjohnjalolla!


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