My One Word

A lot of you have already shared your one word for 2014 and I am so excited to see how that impacts your journey this year! I started choosing “One Word” many years ago when I realized that “New Year’s Resolutions” weren’t really helpful for me…a constant source of discouragement and broken before the year really got off the ground. While a lot of resolutions are worthy of reaching for I realized that  God’s great purposes and my plans didn’t always match. My deepest desire is to glorify Him through my words, my actions, my relationships and choices with my time and my resources…. to see His great{ Glory} in the ordinary experiences of my everyday life and to relish His {Glory} in the extraordinary moments! and while I know it will be a great challenge….to see His {Glory} in the pain,frustration and disappointment of life…..and above all to be a reflection of His {Glory}. No doubt this is not possible without His grace and mercy! You guessed it my one word is Glory {His not mine!}

So as I think ahead to this wonderful New Year…I realize each day is a gift not promised…one to be savored and relished!

Please share your “one word” ……..for community is built in the sharing of our journeys!My prayer for you and me alike is best said in this quote from Elisabeth Elliott:

this year


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