Today’s Treasure!

I love the ocean! and God who is most gracious planted us in a place where we get to see it every time we go down or come up the hill.That may seem like a small thing to you but it is huge to me. I love the way the suns rays hit the water and sparkle like diamonds. Even from a distance I can imagine the rhythm of the waves, the sand between my toes and the smell of the salty air. I can sit at the beach for hours and listen to the tide go out and come in and it relaxes and fills my soul like only the Creator can.

My life is a lot like the ocean….each new day comes like the tide rolls in…not knowing what it will bring or which direction it will land. Sometimes the tide throws tattered trash, sometimes stones and shells that have obviously been tossed around in dancing waves and sometimes a perfect, unbroken shell lay at my toes {and that brings joy as they are rare and precious.}

In the middle of the comings and goings of my day {today}…in the middle of challenges and well …obstacles….. God’s hand showed up in a way that I was not expecting!

He laid a sparkling treasure right in the middle of my day…as if to say…I understand you… & I treasure you!

Several days ago { at the prompting of the Holy Spirit} I scheduled a meeting …with someone I did not know… & hadn’t met.

Sounds simple I know…… but what transpired for an hour and a half after our introductions was amazing! Two ladies, lattes in hand….sitting in a sun drenched window of a local coffee hangout…sharing our stories…our experiences….. and our hearts!

What transpired I cannot fully explain….but our conversation was full of life and grace and love. Although we have lived very different lives….God has brought us both to this place at this time and it was clearer than anything I have ever seen…His Spirit was present and we both experienced His affirmation and His loving arms envelop us.

Neither of us know what His plans are but we know that He has brought us both to a place where He is going to do mighty things and we have the honor of a having a front row seat!

Sounds very mysterious to you I am sure…so let me paint a clearer picture!

My heart has always been to help women grow in their relationship with God and to a great extent that’s how I spend most of my time. A new journey has started for me though as I step into putting together a Women’s Bible Study at my church. I have been in awe of God’s hand through the process as He has brought forth women to serve alongside…women who’s passion and heart I share. Up until last week I thought I had a complete team. Today He showed me I was mistaken! I never want to miss the treasures He has for me. I’m so grateful that in spite of myself He is in control and has everything in the palm of His hands!


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