Consider Love!

val day

I am easily sucked into the commercialism of  Valentines Day! The reds and pinks, the beautiful flowers, mushy sentiments, yummy desserts …they all inspire me to get crafty and to dream up ways to express love to some very special people! I think that’s because my mom always made it special for us when we were kids and for her grands as well!

What I am particularly mindful of though is that not everyone has these kinds of memories and in fact some have painful memories that make this day extremely difficult. As my daughter walked out the door this morning I felt it…a knot sinking deep within my soul…I love her dearly and  i know this day {for now} will be difficult for her.

I think about others that are dealing with challenging circumstances and missing loved ones…those struggling with medical issues that seem insurmountable…..parents who have lost a child for whom the pain is unbearable…. those who are lonely….

It may seem trite to some but the message couldn’t be more true….God’s love is unconditional,it is the same yesterday,today and tomorrow and the steadfast love of the the Lord never fails!

As living, breathing, emotional beings we all long to hear sweet words of love and encouragement….as sons and daughters of the author of love we can offer not only the love we have but the love that flows through us from Him!

And so I challenge you… sensitive today…be aware…of those around you that are in need of love … in desperate need of a word or a touch….ask God to show you how you can knock their socks off today!    and then get up tomorrow and do it again! Love isn’t partial to the date on the calendar and it is desperately needed everyday!



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