Be En{courage}d!

There will be a post coming…soon….but right now…in the middle of the mess….before I have processed completely I can’t help but be overwhelmed with the way that God is whispering to my heart.

I haven’t got it figured out…I can’t quite see His plan .. the mess is painful and brings forward my deepest insecurities but He is right smack dab in the middle of the mess!

Today He spoke through the prayer of a dear friend, through an email of another…just checking on me, the encouragement of another who knows my heart so deeply and yet another new friend who said “I don’t know why but I have been prompted to be praying for you the past several weeks” and still another who left an encouraging voicemail{ that i listen to over and over} and also thru a sweet gift!

I haven’t shared my mess but I am in awe that He loves me so much that He would place thoughts of me on their hearts!

He never sends us into battle with the enemy alone! He is my shield and my protector. If God is for us then who can be against?

All truths that I will cling to until the storm passes and I am able to sift thru…. and to see the treasure!

Oh i am beyond grateful …for  encouragement and those that offered it!

It’s given me {courage }today…


6 thoughts on “Be En{courage}d!

  1. For you, the eternal en{courage}r….so happy you have received these blessings from others. Please add me to the list of “prayers” for you… from one who certainly knows about messes!

  2. Holly your busy encouraging me and I had know idea? Praying for you as you trudge through the muck…. It must gonna have a great result 🙂

    1. The power of encouraging words and gestures are huge for sure!
      Life is messy and we serve a God that knows exactly when we need encouragement!thanks for your prayers!

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