The Hope of the Cross

Somehow it seems irreverent to try to share anything of significance on this Good think for even one moment that anything I could say could even compare to the significance of this day.

There has never been nor ever will there be a greater act of love than the death of Jesus. He walked this earth..knowing everyday that His purpose was to die….His death demonstrated His love {beyond my comprehension} for me and for you!

Today, I am constantly reminded of   …     { The Cross }  …   and oddly….It doesn’t make me sad…it fills my heart…..with       Joy and Gratitude!

Because I know …….that the power of the cross is manifest in the resurrection and the ascension!

But if I put myself in the place of the disciples…having just been told that this would happen…I’m not sure it would have made sense to me…I think my heart would have been troubled and deeply grieved!

If I imagine Mary……I don’t know…as a mother…….If I could have faced such a gruesome day!

So as the world peers in on this day…I think it is difficult to understand, perhaps unbelievable……..but the amazing news is that Sunday is coming!…… and He has left His Word and His Spirit…..He is who He says He is…and He has done what He said He would do!

He is our only Hope ….Hope to live forever with Him in eternity! Hope for those of us that choose to follow Him!

My sadness on this day is for those that don’t don’t know His love or understand it……. or even reject it!

Matthew 25:46
“And they will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous will go into eternal life.”
Matthew 25:45-46 (in Context) Matthew 25 (Whole Chapter)

Praying that you know the Hope I speak of!

if you don’t and would like to …leave me a comment!

It’s Friday ….but Sunday’s coming!




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