following my calling or feeding my ego #thegreyareas

I have been struggling for quite sometime..with an uneasiness….not a black and white issue but somewhere smack-dab in the middle of the grey.

My life is filled with my wonderful family, amazing friendships and a lot of activity….activity that is meaningful and centers around things that I am passionate about and enjoy! But the uneasiness persists!

Is there something i need to let go of?. ..I ask myself…and I haven’t a clear answer for that!

Until today……as I was perusing my usual blogs and devotionals…I came across an article that hit me right between the eyes!

One of my fav blogs is Emily Freeman’s…..she writes today about an article by Dr. Shelley Provost….How to tell if you are following your calling or just feeding your ego

Dr. Provost says this in regards to that statement:

“Your ego fears not having or doing something. The lifeblood of the ego is fear. Its primary function is to preserve your identity, but it fears your unworthiness. As a result, ego pushes you harder in order to achieve more . . .

A calling expresses itself quietly, through the expression of subtle clues throughout your life. It is unconcerned with you attaining or accomplishing anything. Its primary function is to be a conduit for expressing your true self to the world. What you do with that expression is less important.”

{Ah ha moment for me}…without going into the details..there is something in my life that I believe in..I mean really believe in but the first sentence describes it’s effect on me…it pushes me to “achieve” more and has a strong influence on my “worthiness”……as I dig into it more and more I get more of an uneasy feeling!

On the other hand, when I am hard at work preparing for a weekly group that I facilitate…I am not concerned about attaining anything nor am I concerned with my own worthiness …my preparation takes me closer to my Savior and there is no evidence of uneasiness!

It is not as simplistic as it sounds and my life is packed with a lot of other things…{these two just came to mind this morning as this principle is taking root in my heart}…what I discovered is that I am following my calling…..and feeding my ego…after all we are human ….and we all have that tendency !

My deepest desire! To let go of those things that solely feed my ego and find great rest following my calling……His calling on my life!……To ditch that uneasy feeling and experience fully the fruit of following Him!

just a little wisdom for wednesday!









2 thoughts on “following my calling or feeding my ego #thegreyareas

  1. Love this post! The article on ego verses calling really hits home with me too. Thanks for sharing the article and your thoughts on this. Gives me better insight into you and others!

  2. Holly, thank you for being so open. I know it helps me to hear other ones thoughs, feelings, and struggles. It is a very hard thing to do, as far as my own personal self getting out of my comfort zone. Feeling I might be judged wrongly because my words were taken wrong. It is hard for me articulate what I want to say from my heart. I am better at writing. I guess I am a slow thinker, and need the time that my pen and paper allows me. Love and hugs to you, Cynthia

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