Tuesday’s Treasure…….


God’s word is a treasure, a light unto our path, it is living and breathing..sharper than a double edged sword and able to pierce the division between spirit and soul. It is good for all teaching and rebuking!

When we pray using the words of scripture, we can be sure that we are praying in accordance with God’s will.

Tuesday’s Treasure will be a weekly occurrence this summer…it was an idea that God placed on my heart to give the women from our {North Coast Women’s Bible Study} some encouragement and guidance in recording their prayers for others and God’s faithfulness in their lives. We have learned the value of teaching younger generations about God as we have studied the life of Gideon and what happens when entire generations forget who God is and what He has done! If this is new to you, I hope you’ll join us each week and discover the treasure of searching the scriptures and using them to pray for those you love. My North Coast girls all have new journals with crisp new pages and you may want to grab a new journal as well.

It’s very simple….. I will give a scripture/ an example of how to use that in prayer……Record that scripture in your journal inserting the name of the person that you are praying that scripture for……taking the time to sit with the Lord…to meditate on that scripture and what it means….and perhaps praying it several times..silently or aloud!

Amazing things happen when we attune our hearts with God’s heart! Our prayers are no longer to do lists, our expectations change, our desires change…Prayer doesn’t change God….it changes us!

Are you ready to be transformed through prayer?

Week 1:

{ This is one of my absolute favorite prayers to pray for myself and everyone I know…Just imagine if this were true of you and those you love!}

Colossians 1:9

….I ask you Lord to give ______ a complete understanding of what you want to do in her life, and I ask that you make her wise in spiritual wisdom. Then the way that ______ lives will always honor and please you and she will continually do good, kind things for others. All the while she will learn know you better and better. Amen

{ feel free to record your own thoughts about the scripture as well if you like}

If you are anything like me…..I can’t just pray this for one person…it is so powerful that I tend to pray thru everyone I love with these sweet words, knowing that He hears and that He wants to give us those things that are aligned with His will!

I keep a prayer a journal for each of my kids and my husband…..years down the road they will have a collection of my prayers for them as well as record of God’s faithfulness in their lives!

Who are you praying for today?

I hope as we travel this road together that you will also leave a comment from time to time about how it is impacting your life…because I know it will!

Blessings to you all!



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