Tuesday’s Treasure : Do Not be Afraid

Painted in Waterlogue

{Week Two…Praying Scripture Series}

As our days unfold and we are subject to the conditions of this world there are so many circumstances that can leave us feeling discouraged or even fearful.

We may not even realize it but our fears are very easily passed along to those around us! The way we respond to our circumstances can have a profound impact on those we love…particularly on our children!

My mom, {who was not a believer} was always quick to let me know that something was unsafe….her concern and love for me was crippled by the anxiety  that she had that something “bad” might happen to me….she voiced this often and as a young adult I had anxiety about many things…..things that were out of my control…..and my anxiety kept me from doing or trying normal things. I made a conscience decision as I worked through my own fear…that I would not pass that along to my own children.

As I turned to God’s word, He washed away my old thinking and replaced it with the truth of His word!

He tells us so many times in scripture “Do not be afraid”...His desire for us is that we not live in fear and not be discouraged!

Deuteronomy 31:6 has become a scripture that I cling too …I pray it for myself and especially for my children…Does this mean I am rid of fear..no!…fear is a natural human emotion and sometimes warranted! It’s what I do with it that matters. Fear drives me to my knees…to the place of complete dependence on the One who can do something about it!

When my daughter first started driving…I hugged her as she left and told her I loved her…when I shut the door, I fell to my knees! As He promises…He replaces our anxiety with His peace and guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus! His peace is an amazing gift but even beyond that I have experienced Him guarding my heart and my mind from the nagging thoughts and fears after I have turned my anxiety over to Him!

Lord, I pray that_____ would be strong and courageous! that she would not be afraid or discouraged…that she would know that you will never leave her or forsake her. AMEN


What  a wonderful gift to pass down to our families…a healthy way to handle our emotional responses….with complete dependence on Him!

If you struggle with fear or anxiety I challenge you to search the scriptures for passages that speak to this…meditate on them..hide them in your heart! And please share them here!{leave a comment} you never know who may be reading and what they need to hear!

God Bless you this week as you continue to lift up those you love!


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