Tuesday’s Treasure: His hand of protection

Painted in Waterlogue                                                   Week Three:{Praying scripture series}

There have been many times in my life that I can see {in hindsight} that God’s protective hand was upon me……my husband……& my children! The trouble is…in the midst of a situation….an unexplained cancellation of plans…a flat tire…an unplanned route…. and in fact many situations that I still don’t understand….frustration rears it’s ugly head and we can’t seem to understand why things aren’t working out.

Sometimes it’s because the hand of God is keeping us from harm….keeping us from things that aren’t beneficial for us. I can clearly see as I look back on my life that God’s hand has protected me {and my family} from so many things. Whether it be our physical or emotional safety…I have learned that when things don’t seem to be working out the way I would have hoped..that it’s important to step back and ask Him…is there something you are protecting me from? Sometimes He will show us other times He will not…but He will give wisdom…if we ask!

He cares about our safety and the safety of those we love…….Deuteronomy 33:12 is a verse that I have prayed many times over the years and I know that He hears and is faithful to act according to His will on our behalf.


This snowy picture may seem out of place on this summer morning…..but it comes from a wonderful organization…Moms in Prayer……I spent many years while my kids were in school…praying with Moms in Prayers groups…learning about the power of prayer and the value of a community of praying moms!

Have a wonderful week …bathe it prayer…wait on Him….and enjoy His wonderful peace!


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