Tuesday’s Treasure: What does your heart desire?


Painted in Waterlogue

Week Four: Praying Scripture Series

This world is full of enticing things……material things, ideas, philosophies, relationships, ambitions….not necessarily bad{ in and of themselves} but they can be distractions from the One that matters most…they take our time and attention away from our Abba Father! We take a few {unnoticed }steps at a time..and before we know it …we are far….far away from the arms of protection and care of our Lord!

Psalm 7:25-26 is a powerful prayer…..

Lord, I pray that this earth has nothing___________desires besides you.  ___________flesh and his/her heart may fail but you are his/her strength and their portion forever. Amen

When He is our strength and our portion and we desire Him first and foremost it changes the way we see the world……… A heavenly perspective gives us a heart after His…..we are less likely to desire the things of the world and be so distracted by them.Oh how I desire this for myself and those I love. I desire it for you as well…..because it is His will….

Are you currently distracted? Do you need to find your way back to the One that loves and cares for you? We can become so busy….{with good things} that we miss what He has for us!

Take advantage of the slower pace of summer and reevaluate your priorities…..make sure He is first!


Meditate on Psalm 7:25-26 ……soak it in and hide it in your heart! Atune your heart to His and allow Him to transform your mind and your heart!

Enjoy the 4th of July with your friends and families……and appreciate the freedom we have to worship our Savior!


july 4



One thought on “Tuesday’s Treasure: What does your heart desire?

  1. Thanks for another great post…a reminder that to have a heart after His…to refocus on the One who cares deeply for us…so deeply that He gave His precious Son as our Savoir! Praying this Scripture with you today.

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