Tuesday’s Treasure: Summer Fruit

 Painted in Waterlogue

Praying Scripture Series:Week 7

God is in the business of transforming our character….every circumstance…every relationship…every thought…every breath…are all opportunities for us to internalize the principles in His word and shine a beacon of light in this world for His glory!

The world is full of philosophies that seek to help us get in touch with ourselves…improve ourselves….understand ourselves…harness our own power…get ahead…most of the focus being “me”.

This week’s scripture gives us great insight into the person that He desires for us to be….it is not a legalistic set of rules…it is His will for those of us that are filled with His Spirit and walk according to the truths of His word. In my experience it is the fruit of time spent in stillness…a spirit open to listening and waiting and a heart that has a deep desire to not only know Him in a deep abiding way but to be like Him…to be a reflection of His glory!

tuesdays treasure

Oh how I wish that Colossians 3:12 was always a description of me..of my children..those around me…but the truth is…there are times {for all of us} when we just don’t measure up to who He wants us to be…but that doesn’t keep me from making this my prayer… the key lies in the fact that I must allow Him to cultivate these qualities in me..they don’t come from trying harder ..being more determined….more resolved….they happen when we commit our ways to Him…abide in Him… allow Him access to our hearts…and give Him permission to be the Lord of our lives!

It happens when we allow Him to help us unpack the baggage we carry around and reveal to us the places in our heart that need cleaning up! Apart from Him we cannot be the people we were created to be!

I am praying, along with you, for myself and my family….that we would all be in a place where God can transform us into the people He wants us to be…to be people that reflect  tenderhearted mercy, kindness, gentleness, & patience and ultimately reflect His glory!



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