We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

Happy New Year!

As I turn the page on 2015, I am most grateful for the small moments …{which as it tuns out aren’t so small}  sipping coffee with friends, being awestruck by each beautiful sunrise and sunset, a walk on the beach, a beautiful fall sky, picking up leaves with my grandson and being mesmerized by bubbles floating in the air! It’s easy { I think } to take small moments for granted but as they form the ordinary days of our lives they actually are sacredly extraordinary!



As I look forward to the year ahead, I hear God’s Spirit gently whispering….savor those moments when they come…savor them and {express} your gratitude for them!

For out of a grateful heart comes great JOY!

You may have heard the phrase “Choose Joy” and certainly choosing to face disappointment and challenge with a joyful attitude it is a good posture to take. True JOY however is a byproduct..the fruit of…A grateful heart{ expressed} ! It isn’t something we need to strive for and make happen, and while we can choose JOY in trying circumstances…it is temporary if it is not born of a truly grateful heart!

We can cultivate a grateful heart in several ways…

  1. By being present in every moment
  2. By looking for the good
  3. By recognizing God’s hand
  4. By keeping record of what we are grateful for
  5. By refusing to allow negative thoughts to live very long!

At different times I have kept a gratitude journal…recording at least 3 things at the end of the day that I am grateful for. In 2016 it’s one of the things I will purpose to do daily! It’s just one the things that I will purpose to do as I look ahead..how about you??

Are you purposing to do anything this year? Please leave a comment!

Ann Voskamp has a great resource {over at her website} for prayerfully considering and documenting it Purpose statement


Here’s to a year of purpose!








2 thoughts on “We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

  1. Holly~its amazing how health concerns and hospitalizations can strengthen us and draw us ever closer to the Lord. It’s the Joy that you speak of that I too, find in these times. Ann VosKamp has a lot to do with where I find myself these last few years. Glad you are keeping a gratitude journal too. Blessings

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