Cultivate What Matters

When a New Year presents itself do you make resolutions, set goals, choose “a word”? Honestly I have always struggled with these concepts. I’ve tried them all and usually come up with something but ultimately find that my good intentions seldom take root enough to hold water for an entire year {in a meaningful way}. I’ve struggled I believe, because I haven’t found a good way to do this that also matches up with the deeply held belief that I have that God is at work in me to mold me and shape me into someone that bears His image well and allows His hand  to be the source of transformation in my life.
Every method I have tried has been a product of my own thinking regarding goals and resolutions and I have really yearned for something that was more in line with my heart.

Never have I been more excited by a resource than I am today about Lara Casey’s “Cultivate What Matters” The Intentional Goal Planner.



I picked it up quickly after reading Lara’s words. “Traditional goal setting doesn’t work for me. Goals can be overwhelming if they aren’t connected to what matters. They can make life busier. I don’t want a new to do list for my life. I want a clear, meaningful path. I want to know that I am l living with intention and purpose instead of by accident. Powerful goals–meaningful goals–simplify life and help you to take action.” Lara’s beautiful workbook is leading me thru the exciting process of thinking thru some very significant principles that have helped me to thoughtfully and prayerfully  Cultivate  What Matters most in my life and learn to let go of what doesn’t. Her power sheets help  to cultivate what matters most in small steps with some big leaps along the way and don’t require perfection!



I will be sharing my personal process here beginning next week. You can find out more about Cultivating What Matters here.


I would also also love to hear from you about your 2018 hopes and dreams and how you set and pursue goals and transformation so please leave a comment!!! I would be honored to pray for you and your journey!!

Here’s to 2018! Praying it will be a year that you draw near to the Savior and experience His loving presence afresh!





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